Tips & Tricks from yours truly… Kathy Blanchard!

Being a stylist over the past six years I have heard once or twice, “Now if I could just take you home with me and you could do my hair every morning then my life would be complete.” Ever wonder to yourself how to get salon styled hair every day? It really can be done, I promise. Even if you aren’t hair savvy, we can teach you how to become your own stylist each morning; keeping people guessing if you had your hair done before you came to work. Here are a few tricks you can learn from your stylist during each visit.

#1 Watch and Learn. A majority of people learn by observing others and mimicking what they do. Pay close attention to the different size brushes, the motion of your stylist hands while blow drying, and the direction of the dryer. A lot can be learned while looking in the mirror.

#2 Ask Questions. All stylists like to talk. We’re an open book! We want to educate you on upcoming fashions, new looks, and what’s in and what’s out this season. Look at it this way, the better you look, the better we look as your stylist! Ask away and we will give you tips to better yourself every time you go to do your hair.

#3 Use what we use. Every stylist would personally like to take credit for every masterpiece that walks out the salon door, but the way your hair feels after a color or highlight can be mainly attributed to the products we use! The condition, shine, and texture can bemajorly altered by products in the salon. My advice, if you want salon hair, you’ve got to use salon products. If we are using a product on you, it’s for the benefit of your hair and for that salon polished look. Take note of what your stylist uses.

#4 Step out of the box. Each time you visit your stylist their hair is most likely different each time. They are always trying something new! You can have that too. Think like a stylist and never be in a hair rut. Keeping your hair looking fresh with new looks will give you so many fashion options. Pairing a vintage outfit with a twisted, wavy pony is a great start.

#5 Mix things up. Down. Up. Half-up. Half down. Side pony. High pony. Low pony. Curly. Straight. Crimped. Teased. Scrunched. Colored. Natural. Highlights. Roots. Low lights. Two-toned. Elegant. Quick. Retro. Messy. Tamed. Smooth. Bouncy. Wild. Whatever it is, if you do the same thing all the time, people will get bored looking at you in the office. Go from classic, modern girl to edgy and fierce. Being versatile is so in this fall!

#6 Keep up. Even if you don’t consider yourself a pro after all this, visiting your stylist periodically will give you the “appearance” that you are savvy in the fashion world. If you don’t know what to do with your hair look at magazines. Start taking pictures to your stylist and the two of you can brainstorm together. Being open-minded is the best thing you can do. Everyone knows a picture says a thousand words!

Kathy is available at our downtown location – 317.237.5353

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