Tricks for an amazing upstyle from the office to your holiday party

Written By Downtown stylist, Kelly Iaria

We’ve all been there.  We work, work, work all week then forget we have a holiday party right after we leave the office!  With no time to spare, we try to throw our hair up in something more fashionable then the daily pony we wear to work only to find we don’t have much to work with!  All you need for these two quick-do’s is a few bobby pins, an elastic ponytail holder and the travel size working spray you keep stashed in your purse.

Polished or Rocker (right)

Start with a sleek pony. Have a few Bobby pins handy and start by taking one to two inch sections of the ponytail beginning at the top of the pony.  Take each length and hook the pin horizontally, folding under, and set the pin.  Continue around the pony until there are no sections left.  If your hair is longer, you may have to pin remaining hair by tucking underneath.  If you’re feeling like a rocker, leave the remaining lengths left out and lightly tease the lengths with your fingers.  Polish off with a working spray like Kerastase Double Force.

Figure the 8 (left)

If you have naturally curly hair or curl your hair on the reg, start with a slightly off centered pony in your nape. Separate pony in two sections. Take the first section and lightly spray with Pureology In-Charge Flexible Spray. Twist in a figure 8 and pin. Repeat with other section. This look creates a more “lived-in, organic look” great for those who prefer a less polished style.  Remember, the NOW trends for hair are the, not so perfect looks. More messy, more organic, and more texture!


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