Welcome, Alicia!

Stylist Alicia Streitmatter recently joined “the Group” in July.  Instead of a gradual introduction to her style, we put her on the spot and asked her what she likes for Fall looks.  No, easing in here!  We like looking ahead too.

“Fall is all about fringe for me! Fringe is a great way to change up a client’s look without being too drastic. It is also great for fall because you can make your look edgy or soft depending on how it’s styled making it more versatile, which is what f/w style is all about!  Along with fringe, I love to soften my clients’ look with warm dimensional color – either by a single process, darker color or by adding in some low lights to their existing high lights. I like this approach because it is a great segway for preparing my clients for a darker color transition into fall and on into winter.  I like to style my clients with a lot of movement and bounce during the fall months. This plays up the dimensional color beautifully. To achieve my favorite look, I take my client’s hair in 1-2 inch sections and wrap around a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Once I have all of their hair curled I finger comb or brush out the curl and finish with Redken Quickdry Hairspray.”

Alicia is working in Carmel on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  On Thursday and Friday’s, she is behind the chair at our downtown salon!  Welcome aboard, Alicia!

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