Welcoming Lauren McConnell to MDG!!

We are happy to announce that Lauren McConnell has join MDG’s Carmel team!  Lauren comes to us with 8 years experience and specializes in working with natural texture.  She has worked with the Super Bowl, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Down Syndrome Indiana doing work outside of the salon.  We’re very excited to have her on board.  Of course we had to ask her for some insight for the upcoming season!


Summer, Summertime!

Written By Lauren M.

Warm weather and sunshine are right around the corner! We are trying to find our summer clothes, changing our skincare to moisture plus SPF, and finally getting out our fun strappy sandals!  But what about our hair?  A great way to look ready for summer is to add a few lighter highlights around your face for a brighter look and feel.  Even if you don’t have that summer tan yet your hair can still look sun kissed.

Another thing to think about is SPF for you hair.  Just like you protect your skin, we need to protect our hair from the damaging rays that lead to color fading.  Exposure to sun and pollution cause your locks to look less than glam… Adding a chemistry system conditioning treatment will deliver protein for strength and help smooth the cuticle to lock in moisture.  It takes an 5 extra minutes and will last 4-6 weeks!  So put on those strappy sandals and step outside with healthy, protected hair!

Lauren is int he salon Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and can be reached at 317.843.5353 ext. 225

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