What to get, what to get?! A treatment and a blowout!

Holiday shopping is not easy.  Sure it’s fun, it’s a great way to connect and spend time with our families, yadda, yadda, yadda, but deciding what gift for whom is not always easy.  Kerastase Treatments are a great gift for anyone who care about their hair.  With a treatment, you receive (arguably) the best and latest technological advancements in haircare product development as it relates to repairing and caring for damage, dryness, scalp conditioning and strength.

The condition of our hair is constantly changing with the seasons.  It can get dull and lackluster in the summer and get extremely dry and brittle in the winter.  This winter is no exception.  The air is especially dry right now and there is no alleviation in sight.  A Kerastase Treatment is a great gift of condition and service you can give to anyone.  Below are the names of the treatments available and the issues they address:

Instant Treatments ($20) – Shampoo with a blowdry

AQUA OLEUM – Provides ultra-light conditioning to restore balance, silkiness and shine.

PIXELIST – Enhancing color protectant. Recommended for use after every color service.

CONCENTRE VITA CIMENT – This fortifying treatment for weakened and damaged hair instantly and dramatically rebuilds the internal substance and strength of the hair by 50%.

OLEO-FUSION – Intensive moisture For dry to very dry hair.

 – Hair is rejuvenated, transformed and firmer.  From the first application, hair recovers its inner strength, density and radiance.  Your hair will take on a new vitality. (Limp and lifeless hair).

Indulgent Treatments ($40) – Massage, with heat

NUTRIDEFENSE – Recommended for dry, sensitized hair.

 – Fine or thick hair. Deep nourishing care for very dry, sensitized, fine or thick hair.

 – A rich smooth treatment masque with a unique conditioning formula tames the rebellious nature of your hair, while providing lasting anti-frizz protection. (Dry rebellious hair).

MASQUE OLEO-RELAX SLIM – Recommended for extremely thick, dry hair which needs volume control.

OLEO CURL – A revolutionary masque that ensures luminous curls and anti-humidity protection.

 – Recommended for very sensitized, color-treated hair.

 – Recommended for dry sensitized, color-treated hair.  Works especially well on highlighted hair.

MASQUE NUTRI-THERMIQUE – Heat activated nourishing treatment for extremely dry, unruly and thick hair.

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