Your Nails Need Some Love Too…

Butter London is a nail polish and nail-care company based out of…no, not London…it hails from Seattle, Washington.  Founder Sasha Muir was shocked at the number of toxic ingredients in cosmetic products, namely nail products.  She established a “3 Free” philosophy: No Formaldehyde, No toluene, and No DBP (Phthales). Ever.

MDG picked the line up at our Carmel location about a year ago and we’ve never had such a positive response from a nail manufacturer.  Ever.

Here’s the scoop on some of their hottest products:

Silk Stockings ($25) – This shimmering gel firms and smoothes your skin, leaving legs light, bright and unbelievable to the touch.

Powder Finish Foot Creme ($28) – Imagine a products that contains the same active ingredient found in your anti-perspirant, suspened in Shea and Cocoa butter.  Add a touch of Camphor for cooling, some Triclosan to prevent microbial growth and your looking at one special foot creme.

Rock Off ($30) – Filing your heels may tone your arms, but does little to consisently control hard, thick yellowing soles.  When combined with Rock Off, filing simply exfoliates away the skin cells that have been broken down by the callus remover = Supple Soles!

Stiletto Stick ($30) – (the rock star of the line) – Extremely dry, cracked heels are difficult to treat, since most products are heavy, greasy and not at all shoe-friendly.  With Stiletto Stick, your heels will stay silky soft and never greasy (no joke) because of the unique “solid formula.”

Carmel nail technician, Michelle Arbuckle, drove our interest to Butter and helps keep us updated on the trends.  She says that the entire line is designed for people who are concerned and conscious about what products they’re using and putting on their bodies.  She also recommends this line (especially the Powder Foot Creme) for the active-types like runners and tennis players who sweat.  Any runner out there can contest that jogging with wet or greasy feet can be less then pleasant.  Solution – the Powder.

And their polishes?  Their colors are contemporary, current and different.  Let’s just say in the 25 years we’ve been open, we’ve never had such a high demand in nail polishes.  Ever.

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